Mihaela Glavan

First launched in 2003, Mihaela Glavan shoes have soon become well-known on the Romanian market, and now internationally.  Michael Glavan has been featured in various fashion week including Montreal Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, and MQ Viena Fashion Week.  Handmade in her own Bucharest workshop with an unmistakable design, Mihaela Glavan shoes have a charm that is different from other brands. You will be convinced just by seeing her collection here. But in the meantime here is more about her and the vision of her shoe trends.

When did you discover your passion for fashion design?

Although my professional training was a route that migrated from the economic path into arts, I always had an inclination and talent for drawing and was interested in what we wear. I used to cut, rebuild, paint and customize everything around me!

Some of your collections are signed Mihaela Glavan, while others are signed Sepala. What is the difference between the two brands?

Sepala was launched in 2003, and it became our secondary shoe line in 2008. Mihaela Glavan is our premium brand. Nowadays orders from Mihaela Glavan are made in our showroom in Bucharest for export collections and collections made for our partners in the field.

Now a challenging request: define your two brands in only three words!

For Mihaela Glavan, I would say premium, creative and personalized. Sepala is versatile, minimalist and urban.

Who’s the woman you address your creations to?

Mihaela Glavan shoes especially target women who already have a shaped style, who are informed about new shoe trends, and who are sensitive to special design and personalized refinishments.

Interview Source: fashiondays.com